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Our laboratories are the heart of our activity. These centres rely on expertise, instrumentation and procedures for the calibration of measuring instruments of units of physical quantities from the various metrological fields. Today we work on over 1,500 square metres of floor space at our Subbiano (Ar) site, 500 square metres at our Brugherio (MB) site, and 100 square metres at our Timisoara site in Romania, where our laboratories ensure proximity to the various territories and rapid intervention.

Calibration laboratory for Electrical quantities, Frequency and Time lapse
Calibration of electrical quantities, frequency measuring instruments and time lapse measuring instruments was the first area for which we achieved accreditation and is still one of our main fields of activity.
Calibration laboratory for High voltages
and High currents
A centre dedicated to the calibration of devices for measuring electrical quantities such as high voltages and high currents. Our laboratory uses high-precision instruments that allow us to measure currents up to 5 kA through the generation of DC and AC voltages, or DC and AC voltages at industrial frequencies up to 100 kV peak or impulsive up to 160 kV peak. Calibratable equipment includes Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Voltmetric Transformers, Amperometric Transformers up to 5 kA, Surge Generators, HV Generators, Dielectric strength meters and Insulation meters also at high voltage.
Calibration laboratory for Electrical safety instruments
Our centre specialises in the calibration of multi-functional devices for electrical safety measurements, such as line impedance and earth loop meters, differential tests, earth connection continuity and equipotential connection meters, earth resistance meters, insulation meters, leakage current meters and dielectric strength meters.
Calibration laboratories for Pressure,
Temperature, Dimensional and Torque
Developed more recently, the calibration laboratories for Pressure, Temperature, Dimensional and Torque have acquired a major role in the panorama of services offered by T.E.S.I., enabling the centre to provide a comprehensive response to customer needs, with a view to managing the entire range of instruments.
Calibration laboratory for Optical fibre measuring instruments
Power, attenuation and wavelength: the calibration of Measuring instruments for fibre optic applications is among our areas of highest specialisation where we now hold one of the largest shares of the national market. The investments we have made over the years have allowed us to constantly expand the metrological capabilities of our laboratories and to achieve excellent standards in terms of reducing uncertainties, making us one of the best accredited centres in Italy.
Calibration laboratory for Energy meters
We offer a high quality service in the calibration of Energy meters throughout the country. We took steps to ensure readiness for the increasing demand for the calibration of measuring units such as meters and measuring transformers by technical laboratories through the authorisation of the Regional Directorate for Tuscany of the Customs Agency on 04/08/2005, protocol 23119, in application of circular 131/D of 27/06/2000. Subsequent extensions of Accredia accreditation then enabled the activity to calibrate Active and reactive energy meters in single-phase and three-phase operation, and to calibrate Watt Meters for active and reactive power in single-phase and three-phase alternating operation.

Sede Sociale ed Operativa

Zona Ind.le Castelnuovo
52010 Subbiano (AR)

Sede Operativa Nord Italia

Viale Lombardia, 29
20861 Brugherio (MB)

Sede Operativa Timisoara

Strada Loichita Vasile, 1-3 CORP A, SAD 7
300628 Municipiul Timisoara

Sede Operativa Nord Est Italia

34100 Trieste